英国总部校长Kay Martin

Dear Parent,


My name is Kay Martin, Principal of Cardiff and Vale College, one of the largest and best-known Colleges in the UK. We are so proud of the three Schools that we have set up in China with our partner YiJin, in Shanghai, Changzhou and Pinghu. Despite the effects of the pandemic all three Schools are increasing student enrolments as their reputation in the Chinese education market grows.  


As an Institution our focus is on academic quality and great academic outcomes. CAVC Shanghai alumni students who have already studied with us in China and in Cardiff, are now studying hard at a range of excellent British Universities including Durham, Manchester, London School of Economics, Liverpool and our very own Russell Group University here in Cardiff. 


In our China Schools, bi-lingual and native English-speaking staff blend the best of Chinese and UK approaches to learning and teaching. Students also get intensive support with development of their English language proficiency which as you can appreciate is one of the biggest predictors of success for Chinese students in the UK education system. 


In Cardiff, CAVC students from China on the A Level pathway and those studying a Pathway Diploma are taught by highly qualified professionals, with support from a range of other staff, for example, helping them to improve their English, settle into life in Cardiff, build their confidence, and create an environment where they can concentrate on academic work and achievement. 

在卡迪夫,来自中国的CAVC AL课程学生和攻读文凭课程的学生由高素质的专业人士教授,并得到其他员工的支持,例如帮助他们提高英语水平,融入卡迪夫的生活,建立信心,创造一个让他们专注于学术工作和成就的环境。

Our Oxbridge preparation programme is designed to give learners the skills and confidence to make competitive applications to study an undergraduate degree at Oxford or Cambridge or one of the top 10 UK ranked Universities. In addition, learners can access a range of sports, social, cultural and other clubs to help them relax, develop skills and meet new friends. 


We know that as a parent you want the very best education and academic preparation for University for your children as possible.  We ensure learners are fully supported, from the moment they enter a CAVC School until the time they graduate, to fulfil their academic potential and develop a range of personal skills that will set them up for University and a prosperous and fulfilling life.  


We hope you take a good look at the CAVC offer in the UK. We will work tirelessly to ensure you get value for money and give your children a memorable and strong foundation for future academic and career success. I look forward to meeting some of you and your children in the years to come either here in Cardiff or in China.  


Best wishes,  


Kay Martin 

CAVC UK Principal  

Cardiff and Vale College
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