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  • "2 + 1" schooling system

    CAVC SH is the first A-level international high school in China to adopt the "2 + 1" schooling system. Students in grade1 and grade2 will study IGCSE and A-level AS in China campus. After that, the grade3 students will enter the CAVC U.K. directly to complete the A2 level. CAVC U.K. will assist students to apply for university through UCAS with their professional councilors.
  • Tutorial system

    As early as the 14 century, Oxford University implemented a mentoring system, and its biggest feature is the close relationship between teachers and students. In Cardiff, every 5-6 students are equipped with a mentor, only to help students establish the correct outlook on life, world outlook, values, discover the potential of students, explore student strengths, and accompany students to grow. Mentors will also regularly communicate with parents on the study and living conditions of students during school.
    The tutor pays close attention to the personal situation and academic ability of each student he or she looks after. For parents, a student’s personal teacher is their main point of contact. Students development is the common goal of students, parents, and the school.
  • The U.K. Boarding School

    Boarding is the core of CAVC and it Creates a social environment that is built around fulfilling and lasting relationships.
    Ask any CAVC student, and he will tell you that boarding fundamentally enriches his learning experience, while CAVC's parents will say that boarding is a way to achieve mentoring. Under the leadership of the tutor and with the support of numerous other professional teachers, the boarding system provides a foundation for each student's personal and academic development, enabling him to enjoy life better and receive the same good education after school. The operating language of the school is English and students will develop stronger language skills as they communicate outside of the classroom with their friends and teachers.

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