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Review on an Outstanding Academic Year of 2018/2019

Cardiff and Vale College Shanghai, adhering to the school motto of Inspirational, Inclusive, Influential, helps students to achieve excellent results, diverse skills, and humble noble characters, and makes sure they will study abroad in the future with the initial dream.

Opening Ceremony of Cardiff and Vale College Shanghai

The principal of CAVC, Mike James, kicked the football for the opening of CAVC SH. Our football players followed the spirit of "brave, passionate, progressive" which makes the campus alive. As the first campus of CAVC in China, Shanghai campus obeys British education system endowed by the British general school to return education to its essence and inspire life by centring on the core concept of "whole-person education".

Academic Competition

During the Shanghai Regional Tournament 2019, where debating experts gathered, students from Shanghai campus excelled excellent debaters from international schools such as "Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy", "Dulwich College Shanghai" and "Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School" with their superior debating ability. They presented what they had learned in daily life on the competition site, living up to their expectations.

Fryer, Galois and Hypatia Contests

Students from the Shanghai campus also stood out in 2019 Fryer, Galois and Hypatia Contests, and won a respectable number of medals and certificates.

Saint Davi’s Day Ceremony

The St David's Day celebration, which is hosted by the Shanghai office of the Welsh government. The choir of CAVC SH was invited to the stage, with a beautiful voice to infect the deep festive atmosphere, under the influence of the excellent history and culture of China and the west, on the stage of infinite light, wish you all a National Day of Wales.

Partnership School of Global Alliance

CAVC SH has joined the Partnership School of Global Alliance (PSGN) to draw on the advantages and experience from all over the world to enhance the competitiveness of the school. We are continually innovating the British education system to benefit students by integrating advanced teaching methods from around the world and adopting a more open and inclusive teaching philosophy.

Summer School

The annual summer school experience provides opportunities to enrich students’ academic background, and students can know more about the British campus culture in advance in a great language environment, study the professional courses they are interested in. This time, students from the Shanghai campus met Eluned Morgan, Minister of International Relations and Welsh Language, at the Welsh Assembly to plan their intellectual careers with a broader vision.

Graduation Ceremony

Cardiff and Vale College Shanghai held the Graduation Ceremony in the brilliant Shanghai Grand Theatre.

First Graduates
At the same time, the first batch of students who went to the U.K. main campus for further study has already graduated with excellent results! We believe that our students have been enriched through the days in CAVC, and they will also keep moving forwarding with those great characters. Furthermore, the rate of admission to the Top 100 in the world is 66% for our students.

CAVC will also continue to expand teaching scale in international education, which can contribute to the education in China, and cultivate interdisciplinary talents with global vision, Chinese characters and global citizenship quality.

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