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Why a British Education Part ll

This is the second piece of a two-part series on British Education strengths. You can read the first part here.

Encourages for Further Education
A great thing about British education is the fact that all students are encouraged to study for further education. British education is recognized for its clear structure which provides students with a solid,well-rounded education, furthering their future higher-education and career prospects.

The British curriculum is also known as very established in the realms of academia and has a strong global reputation, so in terms of knowledge, the IGCSE and A-Level qualifications lay as an excellent foundation for students' future study.

Allows Students to Gain Depth Knowledge
In today world's ongoing globalization, there is a place for specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, many employers are looking for people who have not only a strong skills-set but also specialized knowledge in their fields.

At the age of 16, UK schools give the students the opportunity to specialize in their chosen subjects. Furthermore, students can choose subjects based on their strengths and weaknesses, so that they will be focused on subjects they are passionate about.

Delivers Well-Rounded Education
British education is more than just a classroom. It is also a wide range of engaging, relevant and inspirational activities. Organized games and extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to extend and enrich students' interests in learning.

Each activity from basketball to Physics Olympiad aims to help students with their life-skills learning and character building. Through these activities, students develop their independence, collaborative and problem-solving skills,their critical and creative thinking ability, and eventually, students just enjoy their school life.

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