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5 Awesome Activities To Boost Students' Soft Skills

Being excellent in just particular academic subjects does not help a student become an outstanding, well-rounded person; therefore,co-curriculum activities have become an essential part of CAVC Shanghai. A wide range of athletic, artistic and special-interest activities aim in improving students’ social, intellectual skills, sense of competitiveness and fair play so that every student gets an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.

Below are few samples of activities provided by CAVC Shanghai that help students to build their self-confidence, focus on exploration, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Kayaking has the potential to improve students’ self-image beyond anything they’ve ever imagined. From breaking their speed, distance or time records to conquering rapids, each success, however small, will help to enhance the way teenagers feel about themselves. With the help of CAVC Shanghai tutors, kayaking lessons boost self-satisfaction, kayaking also increases young people’s social skills and enhances their academic progress.

Football teaches CAVC Shanghai students some essential life skills they can carry with them forever. Besides great health benefits, it also helps improve discipline and work ethic that will help shape them into well-rounded adults. Learners who played competitive sports like football in high school demonstrate more confidence, leadership, and self-respect. Jonathan Coquelin, former coach of the A.C. Milan, has joined CAVC Shanghai to help our students to become substantial adults of our society.

ASDAN Business Competition
ASDAN Business Competition simulates the real environment and decision-making process of market and company operation, including four parts: operation decision-making,enterprise road show, commercial competition and auction transaction.The value of the whole competition lies in training and improving students' core abilities of teamwork, learning and practice, and public speaking. In this competition, our students stood out from many excellent teams and scored great achievements.

International Festivals
Festivals are like glue in CAVC Shanghai life;holidays are the time to make our students realize how beautiful life is.Halloween, Christmas, New Year or Eastern, each event is a way to rejuvenate,it gives young people a sense of belonging and a way to express what is important to them. Festivals connect students to overseas traditions and lifestyle. Observing different traditions and culture gives our students some unique experiences that they will remember years later. At CAVC Shanghai, we teach students about the most important festivals in the UK and try to make each holiday as fun as possible.

The Duke's of Edinburgh's International Award
Beyond student's academic achievements, universities want to see evidence of so-called 'soft skills' that he or she have developed through co-curricular activities, such as communication, leadership and teamwork. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an efficient way to demonstrate these skills in practice. CAVC Shanghai is extremely proud to offer our learners the chance to participate in this scheme. The Award encourages young people to set their own goals and to challenge themselves.

We believe that many skills developed through co-curricular activities help students face the world as well as shape their personality. The type of exposure these activities offer is not probable for being achieved through theoretic ways,most of them are physically active and allow students try out new things practically.

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