CAVC SH is the first A-level international high school in China to adopt the "2 + 1" schooling system. Students in grade1 and grade2 will study IGCSE and A-level AS in China campus.

After that, the grade3 students will enter the CAVC U.K. directly to complete the A2 level. CAVC U.K. will assist students to apply for university through UCAS with their professional councilors.

GCSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) is a British curriculum system. After completing the GCSE, students have completed the study of compulsory education in the U.K. Students can choose A-LEVEL to prepare for further university studies.

IGCSE (International GCSE) is a GCSE course for students from other countries and those in the United Kingdom who want an exam focused qualification.

It has both academic teaching courses and academic research.

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