1. Request Application Form
A. Call the registration hotline: 400-996-9600
B. Submit the application form to the school

2. Send Us Required Materials
A. Application form
B. Three inch-free photos
C. Two copies of student ID card
D. Current/Graduation School Record

3. Admission Assessment Test
All prospective students are required to participate in the admission test organized by Cardiff and Vale College. The test process and the assessment work are all controlled by the UK school. The assessment result will be used as one of the admission reference standards.
Please notice that you will get your results back within three working days.

4. Admissions
The Admissions Office base their decision on the student's admission assessment test results and other comprehensive information.
Accepted students will receive "Admission Notice" and "New Student Admission Guide".

5. Enrollment
Students who have enrolled in the school should pay tuition and other fees in time, and go to the school on time to complete the admission procedures.
After enrolling, students will receive students status at Cardiff and Vale College.  After graduation, students will receive a Cardiff and Vale College high school diploma.

Cardiff and Vale College

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