A-Level is the common name for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level certificate. It is a U.K. based high school qualification for students who have already finished their middle school. A-Level qualifications are by far the most popular and effective route for anyone wanting to go to university in the U.K. or other countries such as Australia, Singapore, U.S.A. or Canada.

AS (Advanced Subsidiary Level) and A2 are the two exams of the A-Level course.
The first year of the British A-Level system is called the AS level.
Students usually choose the 4 subjects that they are best at and most interested in. Once learners have obtained an AS certificate; the second year is called A2 level. Students can choose 3 outstanding courses in AS to continue their studies (all 4 suggested by Oxford and Cambridge), and obtain an A-Level certificate after passing the exams.

While completing the A-Level curriculum system and obtaining their educational results, students can complete the transition from Chinese learning methods and thinking mode to western learning mode in CAVC U.K. one year in advance. Therefore, students have one year to complete the all-round transition of English language and cultural adaptation in an English environment. This gives them invaluable skills and confidence to progress to undergraduate studies.

When applying for universities, students of CAVC China can also enjoy access to the same facilities and treatment of British students and apply to the U.K. and world-class universities directly. Recommendation letters and application materials are prepared by CAVC U.K. and submitted to the student’s chosen universities.

Cardiff and Vale College offers A-Levels from the Cambridge Assessment International Education board (CAIE). Cambridge international qualifications are widely recognized and valued in the UK and other countries in the globe.

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